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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michigan a mandatory certification state? Yes, it is required to hold a CSR designation to work in the state of Michigan.

How do I file a complaint with the Board of Review against a reporter? Complaints against court reporters and recorders should be made, in writing, to the Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review at PO Box 30048, Lansing, Michigan 48909.

I may be moving to Michigan and am currently certified in another state, do I need to get take the Michigan test to be able to work in Michigan?  A reporter or recorder certified in another state may apply to the board for certification based on the certification already obtained.

Can I get a temporary license if I haven't passed my testing?new reporter or recorder may receive one temporary certification to enable him or her to work until the results of the next test are released. If the person does not take the test, the temporary certification may not be extended unless good cause is shown. If the person takes the test and fails, the board may extend the temporary certification.  Only Michigan courts and freelance court reporting firms whose program of supervision and training have been approved by the Court Reporting Board of Review may request temporary certification for their employees.  (Temporary certification application form scao74.pdf​)​

What is the Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review? 
The Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review, staffed by the State Court Administrative Office, establishes criteria for certification of court reporters and recorders and administers tests for certification of court reporters and recorders in accordance with Michigan Court Rule 8.108. The State Court Administrative Office provides an executive secretary for the Board, is responsible for administration of tests, maintaining certification lists, and enforcement of sanctions for failure to conform to certification and other rules, and publishes guidelines for the work of court reporters and recorders in the form of a Manual for Court Reporters and Recorders .

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